Mastrojanni is among my favourites in Montalcino.  I remember first encountering the 2010 Normale in a wine bar in Rome Fiumicino airport, just when it was released – the colleague I was with still regards it as his wine epiphany.  Was looking forward to trying two releases side-by-side.

2010 Mastrojanni Brunello di Montalcino (normale).  Red fruit, berries, tobacco, bit of a wild profile that I don’t often associate with Mastro and have not noted in prior bottles.  Super nice nose.  In the mouth cherry, crunchy acidity, classic Sangiovese and very nice.  Still fresh, but this wine was so flamboyant on release and I’m not sure it’s quite as attractive today, but still very nice indeed.  I don’t see any reason to hold it further.

2010 Mastrojanni Brunello di Montalcino ‘Vigna Loreto’.  A single-vineyard bottling, relatively recent to the Mastrojanni portfolio.  Darker profile than the normale, floral, rich and very fragrant, some maple-y notes.  Super rich palate, dark for Sangiovese, floral.  Excellent balance.  Oak has almost all absorbed, just a bit in the finish that should integrate soon but is not bothering me now.

These are both excellent, and it comes down to stylistic preference between the two. The Loreto might be a bit more concentrated, but I give a slight edge to the fresher, red fruit profile of the normale.  Treats, both.