Who I am

Just another wine-loving citizen of the world, Canadian but a long-time resident of sunny Brussels.  Wine has been a hobby since I worked in the service industry in my early twenties (a rite of passage that should be compulsory for all young people, incidentally – one learns important life skills working in restaurants and bars that they don’t teach in university) but I have no business interest in the wine industry and in particular no connection to Coravin other than being a fan of their product.

Oh, and my name is not Cora.  Hat-tip to great amigo and sherry guru undertheflor.com for the blog title.

What I like

My wine preferences lean decidedly Old World, and in particular to France and even more to Italy. As much as anything, this is a function of what has been most readily available to me. No doubt I would drink mostly local wines, pretty much wherever I lived. But there’s a lot of wine out there. You can’t drink them all (I know, I’ve tried) – I prefer to focus a bit, and over a couple of decades one learns what one likes. Mrs. Explorer being Italian may have had some bearing on my interest in that direction too.

8 or 9 of every 10 bottles I open are red. I tend to seek freshness over amplitude, ‘traditional’ over ‘modern’ to use a couple of loaded terms. Thus, high sweetness and overt oak influence are often negatives for me. I drink wine almost exclusively with meals, and I find that wines with bright acidity and moderate tannin usually go best with the food I eat.

My wine-buying habits have evolved over the years as my palate has matured. As devoted readers of this blog (ha!) will come to see, my French stash now features decent ranges of maturing Southern Rhones and Bordeaux, some younger Northern Rhones and Loires, a few Burgundies. Most of what I buy today is from Italy, and my collection is heavy on Tuscany (Brunello and Chianti), with reasonable dabblings in Piemonte and elsewhere.